Leh Triangle

The wind blows and the Buddhist prayer flags, tied across the Leh bazaar, flutter. As the day advances, the women from the surrounding villages start arriving and occupy the place along the pedestrian’s pathway to sell their vegetables. The descendants of the Mongolian race, these women, in their robes, generally in coffee color, are the […]

Willy’s Park

Shimla Heritage

Yarrows in Shimla Yesterday, after a long time, I walked around the Inverarm Hill. The shady forested road begins from Hotel Cecil at Chaura Maidan, to the west of Shimla, and runs till the rear side of hill. Here, from the parking lot of the Viceregal Lodge, various roads bifurcate to various directions. In seventies […]

Kalka Shimla Railway – A Legacy told by Sumit Raj

_______________________________________________________________ Traveling by Toy Train to Shimla has always been a charm for the travelers. The first timer to come to Shimla always wants to have this experience. There are no less railway enthusiasts in the world and when it comes to Mountain railways the eagerness arouses more. The rhythmic sound of the Toy Train, […]

Royal Cenotaphs of Bikaner – a worth seeing place

Recently an unexpected travel took me to Bikaner, an area entirely different from the hills. A city where Rajasthani and Punjabi lifestyle blends very well and a rare amalgamation of Indian standard of living pops ups. A city that is the entry gate to actual Rajasthani culture but still has some Punjabi settlements who moved […]

To do and Not to Do when you visit the Viceregal Lodge – Shimla

The building of Viceregal Lodge or presently as it is known as Indian Institute of Advanced Study is the most prominent building in Shimla. Still the largest in size and marvelous in beauty, this Scottish structure was built under the viceroyalty of Lord Dufferin between 1884 and 1888. It remained in use as the Viceregal […]

Cloverly – An Interesting Old Story of Kalka Shimla Journey


Before the toy-train appeared on the scene, the journey from Kalka to Shimla was always a challenge for the British. Although the road to Shimla had been built in 1856 that immediately earned popularity among the travelers but the old road still remained in use till the early decades of twentieth century. Gradually the walking […]