The Life in the Hills

Nabha House of Raja Hira Singh the ruler of Nabha of Punjab

Do you know about Nabha House of Raja Hira Singh in Shimla. Lets take you to the lanes of Nabha Estate. The Victorian and Post Victorian architecture in Shimla remains scattered not only along its Heritage ridge but to a distance too. Did you ever try to explore a residential area to its South face that hides […]

Diminishing Flavour of British Mock Tudor Architecture in Shimla

Diminishing Flavour of British Mock Tudor Architecture in Shimla is worth a concern. If you take bird eye view of Shimla you will find nearly 12 flairs of architecture scattered around. They make Shimla look like a museum of architecture that includes Mock Tudor, Victorian, Post Victoran, Gothic, Neo Gothic, Bavarian, Baronial, Scottish, Georgian, Lyuten’s, and of […]

After the Trip

Just returned from a trip to Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and to Rohtak. That was the end of the month of February. Pune was burning in 37 degree and Bombay was too humid for me to stay there any longer. It was fun to have a ferry ride to Elephanta caves with my daughter, in the […]

Willy’s Park

Shimla Heritage

Yarrows in Shimla Yesterday, after a long time, I walked around the Inverarm Hill. The shady forested road begins from Hotel Cecil at Chaura Maidan, to the west of Shimla, and runs till the rear side of hill. Here, from the parking lot of the Viceregal Lodge, various roads bifurcate to various directions. In seventies […]

Bromley Days

Two years of my life at Bromley, an old bungalow from the Raj near Shimla, was the best time of my life in the hills. The whole estate was spread in more than five acres of land and was surrounded by cedar forest on three sides. A tiny wooden cottage allotted to me was my […]

Robbers in my Balcony

It seemed like during my absence from home, my balcony was invaded by some robbers. Perhaps they wanted to loot something but since the door to the room was close, they couldn’t enter the room or the kitchen and find something to eat. Due to rain nothing much had been left out, so they pulled […]