Cycling in Shimla Hills


Himalaya is great and is full of fun if travel on the bicycle. Ups and downs, curves and bends, inclines and declines, forests and village – all are a part of Himalaya and its life. Pedal through it and see more. Live in the remote regions, take yourself away from the routine life and see how people on the same planet are different than you.

It is fun to visit the remote areas. Test your muscles on these hilly curves on the bicycle and enjoy the wilderness and the hill lifestyle. We have visited all the areas and measured its length and breadth. What all we suggest, is all based on the personal reconnaissance. Our programs are well organised and are based on our own study. We offer a variety of programs to choose from, depending upon your requirement and time you have. Three are day programs and multi programs as well.

A well organised Cycling Tour with us is a feather in your fun. Choose from the – Menu of Tours – below and let us know.