A Day in a Himalayan Village

  • Experience the hill life with us. See the traditional way of living style of people in the hill village and interact with them. A full day spent in a Himalayan Village with us will take you back to the age old era when we lived without modern gadgets.

    DhamiBgApart from this, our life in the Hills also rolls on our Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage and our Social Heritage. Shimla Walks, in collaboration with Himalaya’s Royal Grandeur brings you an assorted experience of its Royal past.

    During their time in Shimla, the Viceroys of the British Empire lived in the Viceregal Lodge. The Shimla Ridge ends here. The valley dips and the forest begins, generally of oak tree and extends towards Dhami to the west of Shimla. Dhami, nearly 26 kilometres from Shimla, at that time was an erstwhile Princely State. It enjoyed the status of being a part of Punjab Hill States during the Raj.

    Spend full day with a family in a Himalayan Village , enjoy their Royal hospitality and learn about the hill culture.

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    Trek to Churdhar


  • Your day in – A Himalayan Village will be spent as follows

      • Be ready at 10.00 am and our car will come to pick you up.
      • Drive to the village through the lovely landscape of Himalayan foothills.
      • Dhami House is the ancestral home of Kunwar Dushyant Singh that he inherited from his father Rana Dilip Singh. The architecture of the house is a blend of English and traditional style. Mainly made of wood and stone the house looks modern from outside but its rooms are decorated with a large number of antiques and animal skins.
      • You enter the house and you enter a different world. Instantly you are transported to the by gone. The sitting room is decorated with the brass utensils that Kunwar Sahib inherited from his parents. Their presence provides a different feel and you are forced to think of the past. The black & white photographs of the family, placed on the corner tables, skins of the animals hunted by the ancestors of Kunwar Sahib, old carpets and chandeliers altogether create the ambience of the past grandeur.
      • After the tea is served we proceed for a walk through the village with Kunwar Sahib. His old Estate is and attraction. Follow a trail that takes you around the village and the breathtaking landscape of the estate keeps you busy looking at it.


      • Dhami is a bird’s park. You don’t have to carry alarm clock with you as a whistling thrush arrives your window and give a call. Franklin can be heard chirping anywhere in the area. Apart from them magpies, starlings, wobblers, mayana, bulbul, street thrush, tits and many pheasants are a common site. A binocular is recommended.


      • A nearly two hours walk is followed by a warm welcome on return at home of Kunwar Sahib.


    • Kunwar Dushyant’s wife a descendant of the Royal family from Madhya Pradesh is a perfect host and cook. Get introduced to the local cuisine or just enjoy the regular meal. You will have to think seriously in before you say no to the food served to you, as the aroma keeps pushing you to the dining room.

    Time Consumed

    Nearly full day

    When to Return

    We drive back to Shimla by 4 pm and reach here in an hour.

  • Minimum Number of Persons : 02

    Maximum Number of Persons : 10


    Depending upon the size of the group.

    Kids below 8 yrs are not liable for any kind of charge

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