Dhami House


The valley from the Viceregal Lodge Shimla, dips and the forest begins, generally of oak tree and extends towards Dhami to the west of Shimla. Dhami, nearly 30 kilometres from Shimla, at that time was a Princely State. In the early years of 19th century when Shimla hills were under the aggression of Gurkha, the rulers of Dhami played a vital role to expel them by helping the army of East India Company. Rana Govardhan Singh the then ruler continued supporting British during the Mutiny in 1857 and then till his death in 1867.

Today Dhami is a part of District Shimla and is one of the largest a Tehsils of Shimla. Still away from the madding crowd Dhami offers Nature in platter. Apart from admiring nature that surrounds you all the time in Dhami, there is a lot of other things to do.

Dhami House – A Royal Home Stay near Shimla