Life in the Hills

Life in the plains for me was never an attraction. Many of my old friends have been running after money and many of them have been successful too. But when I go to them and they feel jealous of me because of my living style, simple and obstacle free. I know that it would be difficult for them to follow my lifestyle as their desires of life cannot be met by roaming in the mountains only to admire them.

Life in the hills is fairly different than other parts of the world. We at Shimla Walks bring the different features of life in the Hills through our different articles. See below and know our hills. for you

Bus ride to Jibhi

The Monsoon in the Hills

Drive to Dharamsala

Walking Home

Robbers in My Balcony

Willy’s Park

My writing keeps me busy


Bromley Days

A Candle March

After the Trip