One Day Cycling


It is fun to visit the remote areas on a bicycle. Test your muscles on these hilly curves on the bicycle and enjoy the wilderness and the hill lifestyle. We have visited all the areas and measured its length and breadth so what we suggest is all based on a personal reconnaissance. Our programs are well organised and are based on our own study. We offer a variety of programs to choose from, depending upon your requirement and time you have. Three are day programs and multi programs as well.

Cycling in the Hills

  • Map.
  • The Royal Circuit :

    IMG_1202The drive begins from Shimla and ends at village Baldyan. Here you ride your bike and the circuit begins. It remains almost downhill till the oldest pumping station in river Thaila. The route extends further to Basantpur where the incline begins. We stop here and move to the cars to drive to Dhami – the erstwhile princely State. Here lunch is organized with the Royal family before we drive to Shimla.

    Total Distance Covered : 35 km.
    Total Time Taken : full day.
    What time do we start : 9.00 am.
    When do we reach for lunch :1.00 pm.
    when do we start again : 3.30 pm.
    When do we finish in Shimla : 4.30 pm.
    Per Person Cost : On Request.
    Number of Participants : Min : 02, Max : 10
    Trip Duration : Full Day.


    The Old Road :

    Cycling in ShimlaThis Circuit begins from Shimla and brings you back. The track is a blend of flat, uphill, down hill, dirt road and tarred road. Follow the Old road that was actually built for the railway track to be extended towards Rampur. The road opens at Hindustan Tibet Road from where a left turn brings you to Fagu. From here enter the dirt road and follow it till you reach Gallu to continue to Shimla.

    Total Distance Covered : 50 km.
    Total Time Taken : Half day.
    What time do we start : 10.00 am.
    When do we finish in Shimla : 1.00 pm.
    Per Person Cost : Rs. On Request.
    Number of Participants : Min : 02, Max : 10
    Trip Duration : Half Day.

    The above Packages Include

    1. Bicycle and Safety Gear.
    2. Water.
    3. Light snacks.
    4. Lunch
    5. English Speaking Guide.
    6. First-Aid Box

    Packages Do Not Include

    1. Cost for any damage caused to the Bicycle
    2. Compensation for any Accident / Injury
    3. Compensation for any Death
    4. Any cost for the tour extended due to some unavoidable reasons