Morning Walk to Connaught Place

The overnight bus dropped me at Himachal Bhawan in New Delhi at the crack of the dawn. As I came out of the bus, along with the other passengers, the auto rickshaw drivers surrounded me and asked if I need their services. I denied and decided to walk. They moved to the other passengers. The […]

Walking Home

I walked from The Mall to the bus station to catch bus to my house, but there I came to know that the bus was to move after half an hour. I decided to walk. This is the beginning of March and here in Shimla it is raining. People were walking with open umbrellas in […]

Nabha House of Raja Hira Singh the ruler of Nabha of Punjab

Do you know about Nabha House of Raja Hira Singh in Shimla. Lets take you to the lanes of Nabha Estate. The Victorian and Post Victorian architecture in Shimla remains scattered not only along its Heritage ridge but to a distance too. Did you ever try to explore a residential area to its South face that hides […]

Diminishing Flavour of British Mock Tudor Architecture in Shimla

Diminishing Flavour of British Mock Tudor Architecture in Shimla is worth a concern. If you take bird eye view of Shimla you will find nearly 12 flairs of architecture scattered around. They make Shimla look like a museum of architecture that includes Mock Tudor, Victorian, Post Victoran, Gothic, Neo Gothic, Bavarian, Baronial, Scottish, Georgian, Lyuten’s, and of […]

Quenchers of British Raj Are Thirsty Today is the story of Heritage Water Hydrants in Shimla

Heritage water hydrants in Shimla – Does anyone remember these? Once upon a time they used to be the identity of this lovely hill town. It was a common site in Shimla to see a local drinking water from these heritage taps or some tourist filling his water bottle from these water bearing nozzles. The […]

Sculptures on Bantony Shimla Remains Unattended No Protection from the Protectors

Sculptures on Bantony Shimla Remains Unattended, In Shimla, as you head towards Kali Bari temple from General Post Office, to your right side you come across a lovely English house – Bantony. The building has many features to discuss. One can spend a long time looking at it and understanding it’s magnetism from various angles. […]

Chapel of All Saints

When Lord Dufferin – the Viceroy of India (1884 – 1888) built the building of Viceregal Lodge in Shimla he also built a Church near that, basically to be used by the Viceroy and the people living in the estate. The total population of the estate of the Viceregal Lodge during Raj was 840 people […]

Theft in the Christ Church – Shimla. Negligence of the Management

The Christ Church in Shimla is the most prominent landmark in town. Who is the one who comes here and does not want to pay a visit to this ‘Taj Mahal’ of Shimla. The building was designed by Colonel J. T. Boileau a famous architect from Shimla in 1844 but was opened for general public […]

After the Trip

Just returned from a trip to Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and to Rohtak. That was the end of the month of February. Pune was burning in 37 degree and Bombay was too humid for me to stay there any longer. It was fun to have a ferry ride to Elephanta caves with my daughter, in the […]

My Writing Keeps me Busy

The sun rose from behind the Jakhu hill and sunrays spread through the valley. Whole area got sunny in a few seconds. The deep blue sky forced me to leave my bed and come out to my balcony. It is peaceful. After two days of snow, in the month of March, today it looks like […]

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