Leh Triangle

The wind blows and the Buddhist prayer flags, tied across the Leh bazaar, flutter. As the day advances, the women from the surrounding villages start arriving and occupy the place along the pedestrian’s pathway to sell their vegetables. The descendants of the Mongolian race, these women, in their robes, generally in coffee color, are the […]

Drive to Dharamsala

That was not the first time for me when I travelled on that road, but defiantly that was the first time when I enjoyed that luxury. A car was sent from Dharamsala to pick me. They think that I am important or they are trying to make me feel important. Shammi, the driver, telephoned me […]

Candle March in Shimla

Candle March Shimla Yug Gupta

There are stories all around. From everywhere I can fetch tales to be told. How much can I write? It is endless. Sometimes I want to stop. Perhaps there are people who do not want to read me because they are just fed up of my writings. But words keep coming and thoughts keep floating […]

Willy’s Park

Shimla Heritage

Yarrows in Shimla Yesterday, after a long time, I walked around the Inverarm Hill. The shady forested road begins from Hotel Cecil at Chaura Maidan, to the west of Shimla, and runs till the rear side of hill. Here, from the parking lot of the Viceregal Lodge, various roads bifurcate to various directions. In seventies […]

The Monsoon in the Hills

As the monsoon arrives, here in the hills, the temperature starts dropping. I look towards south from the summit of Observatory Hill, where the Indian plains, over the tiny hills are spread across. Over there, people are suffering from the high humidity, even during the monsoon months, but here in the hills we have started […]

Bromley Days

Two years of my life at Bromley, an old bungalow from the Raj near Shimla, was the best time of my life in the hills. The whole estate was spread in more than five acres of land and was surrounded by cedar forest on three sides. A tiny wooden cottage allotted to me was my […]

Robbers in my Balcony

It seemed like during my absence from home, my balcony was invaded by some robbers. Perhaps they wanted to loot something but since the door to the room was close, they couldn’t enter the room or the kitchen and find something to eat. Due to rain nothing much had been left out, so they pulled […]

Bus ride to Jibhi

When I boarded the bus there were only a few passengers in it. I asked one of them when the bus would start and he said, ‘in ten minutes’ I put my bag on the floor of the bus near my legs. After a few minutes someone outside, perhaps he was the conductor of the […]

Prams and Wheelchairs on Hire for Disable Tourists in Shimla

The British left in 1947 for UK and left uncountable legacies behind in India, for Indians. One of them is the Hill Stations with traffic free roads. This idea of high street, like in United Kingdom, was introduced here as well. During the summer months most of the British gentry would move up to the […]

Kalka Shimla Railway – A Legacy told by Sumit Raj

_______________________________________________________________ Traveling by Toy Train to Shimla has always been a charm for the travelers. The first timer to come to Shimla always wants to have this experience. There are no less railway enthusiasts in the world and when it comes to Mountain railways the eagerness arouses more. The rhythmic sound of the Toy Train, […]

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