Margaret Flashman Gahan – Buried in Sanjauli Cemetery, Shimla

When I started working in Shimla as a Tour Guide, I had no idea that I will have someone coming from England who has such a deep association with India. One day the idea of Family research tours just popped up to my mind and I thought that the descendants of those who built Shimla […]

Leopard in Longwood

That is what Rajesh told me. A leopard in Longwood and on the way to his house in Kaleston. He has seen him many times. His first encounter was on his way to Kelaston, late evening after dinner, when he was driving home. Near Harvington, an old house that was once occupied by one Mr. […]

Royal Cenotaphs of Bikaner – a worth seeing place

Recently an unexpected travel took me to Bikaner, an area entirely different from the hills. A city where Rajasthani and Punjabi lifestyle blends very well and a rare amalgamation of Indian standard of living pops ups. A city that is the entry gate to actual Rajasthani culture but still has some Punjabi settlements who moved […]

Naddi to Dharamkot – a nature walk

Naddi, once a village with a few hamlets with no road connection to the world outside, today is one of the busiest villages around Dharamsala. The village is located 12 kilometers from Macleodganj and is connected through a tarmac road that bifurcates from Macleodganj bazaar. Village Naddi is generally inhabited by the Gaddi families, a […]

Villages of Garli and Pragpur – the hidden Gems

If you were born in a small village, then go to Garli and Pragpur. The narrow lanes of these villages may bring your childhood memories back to you. If you were born in a town, even then you should go there. The old houses made of bricks in these villages will remind you the days […]

Janjheli – The Paradise Unexplored

I am lost. My camera refuses to stop clicking. My eyes refuse even to blink. Sound in my throat is choked. I am feeling like embraced only by nature’s beauty. Janjheli – a place that I have missed till now. I don’t know, why I didn’t come here earlier. The place is still away from […]

To do and Not to Do when you visit the Viceregal Lodge – Shimla

The building of Viceregal Lodge or presently as it is known as Indian Institute of Advanced Study is the most prominent building in Shimla. Still the largest in size and marvelous in beauty, this Scottish structure was built under the viceroyalty of Lord Dufferin between 1884 and 1888. It remained in use as the Viceregal […]

Masroor Rockcut Temple – The Himalayan Pyramid

Visit to Masroor rock-cut temple was an amazing experience for me. Twenty five years ago when I was studying tourism in Delhi University, that time, I had started browsing through the magazines giving information about most of the tourist destinations, mainly in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Every time I read about some destination, I […]

Pashmina Shawls in Shimla? Impossible


Have you ever heard of Japanese Jack-fruit? Or may be Arabian Apples or perhaps Mangolian Mangoes? Never, right? You would never trust that these products have any connection with these places. Then how can you trust Shimla Shawls. Believe me Shimla DOES NOT produce any shawls. If you go to Shimla and see any shop […]

Ladakh Spiti and Kinnaur Valleys – Beautiful Beyond Belief

lake tsomoriri ladakh

Ladakh Spiti and Kinnaur, all these astoundingly beautiful valleys are located in the remotest location of Indian Western Himalayas and hold an attraction for almost everyone. Kinnaur is the green belt of Himachal Pradesh in India where as Spiti and Ladakh are the Cold Deserts. Both Spiti and Ladakh alongwith Lahaul and Sarchu in between them […]

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