Shimla Rumours from History

Scandal Point Shimla

Shimla rumours carries the flair of British era. The gestures and legacies left by them are the talk of the town. Coffee at Coffee House still gets cold over the hot discussions about the life style of the British era. The signs of British lifestyle which are scattered here in the shape of architecture, sealed […]

Kandru Valley – A Must See Beautiful Destination in Himachal

Kandru Valley

In case you want to have a typical hill experience in terms of culture, architecture, lifestyle, remote villages, fruit orchards, rolling meadows, emerging rocks and barren fields and all that close to Shimla, then there is no better option than to visit village Dalog in Kandru Valley. Absolutely unexplored and untouched from the bustling city […]

Nubra Valley in Ladakh – A Tourist Paradise

Shimla Walks

We are sure that you would not like to miss a chance to feel like as if you are walking on moon. How about drive over the highest motor-able Pass in the world. Yes, we are talking about one of the most beautiful places of this planet, Nubra Valley! If you are really interested then a […]

Simla Lanes & Trails – A Real Walker’s Paradise

SImla Lanes & Trails

The lanes & trails of Simla (now Shimla) has got lot of stories to share. If you love walking these lovely trails can keep you busy like anything. If you love old stories of the rich history of this town you need to walk. When you walk through it, it takes you down the memory lane of […]

Cloverly – An Interesting Old Story of Kalka Shimla Journey


Before the toy-train appeared on the scene, the journey from Kalka to Shimla was always a challenge for the British. Although the road to Shimla had been built in 1856 that immediately earned popularity among the travelers but the old road still remained in use till the early decades of twentieth century. Gradually the walking […]

Catchment Area Shimla

Catchment Area Shimla

You may choose to sit next to a brook or on a sunny glad, just close your eyes and leave yourself unattended. Just concentrate on your breathing and feel that you require nothing. The whole world is veiled for you. This is what you have been looking for and this is what you had always […]

Cemeteries in Shimla


As Shimla grew to its new dimensions the need of Cemeteries in Shimla aroused too. The British had started moving up to the hills from 1822 onwards. By 1830 the European population of the town had grown from one, which was Captain Kennedy, to nearly a few hundred people. They made everything here that was […]

Dagshai – A Mughal time Village with British Cemeteries

As you enter the hills from Kalka, to drive towards Shimla, after about 30 kilometres, comes a place called Kumarhatti. A number of roads branch of towards different directions. The road that forms a hairpin bend to its right, winds up to Dagshai. Although the village Dagshai is about seven kilometres uphill from here but […]

Kalpa – An Apple Bowl in the lap of Himalayas


Kalpa a small village surrounded with apple orchards in the lap of Himalayas is a place that offers you nature in platter, whenever you want. During summer, here, you don’t have to go around finding cool breeze. In winter you remain engulfed by the chillness and during monsoon rising mist is always there to offer the […]

Mahu Nag Temple in Shimla Hills

Mahu Nag

Talking about the temples of Mahu Nag Temple in Shimla Hills, as per the nearly 500 years ago a Brahmin from village Praadi in Mundaghat, once went to Mahu Nag – Karsog to spend some time in the service of the God. There, the villagers follow a tradition that whenever a domestic cow gives birth […]

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