Meet Our Tour Leaders

Our Operations team and our Tour Leaders are the people who make sure your adventure runs smoothly.
They are the amazing people, quite simply, the super-glue that holds it all together.

They are responsible for ensuring the complete success of your tours. Tour Leader training is top of our priority as we believe it is our leaders who really make a difference to our customers’ experience.

Our Tour Leaders are professional local experts from region who takes you on a historical ‘Simla’ journey back to the 1890s British Heritage scene in the forests which resemble England. 

We also take care to ensure that the quality on tour matches our customers’ high expectations. Our Operations Managers are at the other end of our 24 hour emergency phone in case you ever need help.

A passionate walker & a published author from Shimla who holds<br> in depth knowledge of <br>area.
A trekking guide fromDurgapur,<br /> near Shimla well versed with the <br />culture, traditions, lifestyle <br />of hills
Sushil is a tour guide .Keeps his <br> clients smiling.
Mohit, a qualified Tourism Professional.<br/>is a descendant of a dignitary <br> from Shimla .
Vinay keeps very good knowledge about Shimla and other parts of the hills. Always Marked <br>as Excellent.
Basically an actor and remained closely associated with theatre <br> Recently moved to Shimla <br>and joined our <br>team
After completing his studies in Tourism Shubham became a part of Shimla Walks recently. Always keen <br> to learn and <br>explore
Completed her studies in tourism nearly 3 years ago. She keeps<br> a great knowledge about her <br> culture and history
A product of ITFT Chandigarh, Jyoti is <br> a new member of Shimla Walks.
Basically from Nepal but born and brought up in Shimla, Durga is <br> a loves to share his knowledge<br> with other.
A native from the nearby village <br> Dinesh is an approoved coach for <br> taekwondo