Arki Haveli

Lunch at Arki Haveli

Courtyard of Arki Haveli


Visit to a Temple

Dinning Hall

Village Walk in Shimla

A Day with a Royal Family

The Price for Village Walk in Shimla:

Rs. INR 3000/- Per Person

Call us to book your Nature Walk in Shimla and enjoy the Nature with us. This Nature Walk in Shimla will introduce you to Shimla through a local.

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Village Walk in Shimla is the ultimate experience to understand village life. We shall be driving for an hour to a village near Shimla where one of the forts of this area still exists. Enjoy this visit with us, see the hill life and see the traditional way of living style of people in the hill villages. A full day spent in a Himalayan Village with us will take you back to the age-old era when we lived without modern gadgets. Apart from this, our life in the Hills also rolls on our Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage, and Social Heritage.

During this visit to the village, your host is Kunwar Nagener Singh, a descendant of the Royal family of this erstwhile dynasty during the Raj. The rulers of Arki were great supporters of the British and hosted them on their visits for hunting and weekend picnics. Arki, commonly known as Baaghal in the past, remained their favorite place for a break from the hectic schedule and was known for its virgin forests and camping. Sumit Raj, the founder of Shimla Walks, designed the walk.

  • Walk in the Village.
  • Visit a local temple.
  • Lunch with a descendant of the Royal Family.
  • The price shown on the right side is only for the visit to the Village and Lunch.
  • Kindly be in time to enjoy more.
  • You may be asked to take off the footwear outside the Hveli before you enter the main house.


The Village

Arki, once the capital of the princely state of Baghal, has a turbulent history. The area was named after the Baghs, which are actually tigers, not leopards. Despite this, locals still refer to leopards as Baghs. By taking a village walk, you can gain insight into how society was managed in the past in this region. Along the way, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the slopes and learn about the flora and fauna, birdlife, climate, and formation of the Himalayas.

The Temple

We start with a visit to a temple in a den. A flight of nearly one hundred steps climbs up steeply to reach the den where the temple of Lord Siva is there. This natural den is famous in the area and the deity is called Ludry Mahadev. The den is inhabited by a few priests and an annual fair takes place here every year on the day of the festival Shivaratri.

We shall visit the temple and have an interaction with the priest. Later walk down and follow a kilometer-long forested trail that leads us to Arki Haveli. 


Hot sit-down lunch in the airy dining hall of Arki Haveli waits for us. Cooked by Kunwarani Vijayshree Singh, the lady of the House using her self-developed skills, this mouth-watering meal is everyone’s wish. She uses her traditional ways of cooking and keeps experimenting with the meal items. Something healthy comes up surely and the appreciation is all hers.  

So, after this lovely visit to the temple and the walk be ready to stuff your tummies.


Sit in the lounge or in the garden after lunch and learn more about the locality and the history of the family. Tea or coffee is served if you want. After spending a lovely day with the family of Kunwar Nagender Singh we drive back to Shimla.

General information about this tour

Timings for the Village Walk

  • 09:30AM to 03:00PM

Schedule for Village Walk

  • Every day. Subject to the availability of the host.

What to see in the Village  Walk

  • Village of Arki. Royal Family Home inside the Fort Arki.  Remote Villages, Local Lifestyle, Lunch with the Royal family.

 Group Size for Forest Walk

  • 1 to 8 (Private Tour)

Call or WhatsApp

  • +91 7018703170

Geographical Information


2000 m


  • Spring: March-May
  • Monsoon: July–September
  • Autumn: October–November.
  • Winter: December – February.

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  • The warmest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 20.9 °C | 69.6 °F.
  • January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 5.6 °C | 42.1 °F.
  • Click here to check the current temperature.


Level & Gradual


Hilly but level.

 Traffic on the Walk

You will be lucky if you see any.

Other Information

  Tour Type

Please choose from the following and let us know:

  • Private Tour.
  • Group Tour.

  Do not Forget

  • Camera.
  • Credit / Debit Cards.
  • Walking Shoes.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun Screen.
  • Umbrella on a rainy day.
  • Rain Cover.
  • Sun Hat.
  • Personal medicine (if any)
  • Warm Jacket in Winter.


  • Kindly let us know if you have your own transport.
  • Otherwise, you can add it to the cost at the time of making your booking.



  ‘Toilets’ & ‘Permanent Toilets’


 Wheelchair Accessibility



Call or WhatsApp s for booking

+91 7018703170

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