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About Shimla Walks

We are here to offer an experience, a life time experience. If you are keen to approach the remotest regions in Himalayan ranges this can be for you.
In case you are looking for a holiday where you can sit next to the reality and interview it in your own way, then these experiences are for you.

Just go through the website or ask us to design a special package for you that brings you a different experience all together. With us you have a chance to have a personal interaction with nature.
A visit to Great Himalayan National Park with us shall be a great experience for you. You may also choose to go for a Jeep Tour with us and explore nature


Walking, Cycling, Culture




British Ancestory

Knowing your own roots is the matter of interest for everyone. British had a great association for India and still they have.


A large number of Brits are buried in the Cemeteries in the Hills. 


Most of them are in bad shape. Need attention.


Their walls are full of plaques for those who died in India. 

Family History Tours

Looking for your ancestry history in India. Have a look here.


After the Rain in the hills

After the Rain in the hills

Today was a sunny day after the rain in the hills and for the first time, I realized that my house is facing the right direction. Last night was a night full of thoughts floating in my mind. The sleep was away and my fingers kept clicking the keyboard of the computer to record another day of my life. In the morning when I got up, the sun had already appeared in the sky and the sunrays had swept across the valley.

Full Day Heritage Walks and Forest Walks in Shimla

Full Day Heritage Walks and Forest Walks in Shimla

Shimla Heritage Walk is all about the stories of the making and existence of Shimla. You will be led by your local explorer through the heritage zone of this lovely hill station showing most of the architectural sites of Shimla. All these buildings hold amazing stories of the past in their bosoms. Practically once you have finished the walk you will realize that Shimla is a kind of museum of architecture and it is not monotonous.

Going to a Multiplex for the first time – Wow

Going to a Multiplex for the first time – Wow

There was a time when as students, in Rohtak, we the boys bunked classes and treated ourselves with some new releases in Liberty, Sheela, Sangeet, Palace, or Ashoka. And if it was of my favorite supper start Amitabh Bachchan, I was the first one to go and watch his movies. Who had the courage to say anything wrong about his performance in my presence? His worst movies also won him our silent appreciation. Many times, I went to see his old hits also, all alone, which were released repeatedly.

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Shimla Walks

We organize Day Walks, Trekkings, Cycling, Yoga, and Jeep Safaris.
Our expertise is in organizing the Rich British Heritage Holiday experience.
All our products are recommended after a deep research on infrastructure, terrain, surroundings, and other facilities.
With our vast professional tourism experience we understand the needs of the traveler.

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