Day Walks in Shimla

There is a hills stations in India that still offers a number of walks. Most people in Shimla walk and if you are going there as a tourist, it is highly recommended to buy Full-Day Heritage Walks and Forest Walks in Shimla. The town was built as a retreat, initially, and then it became the Summer Capital of British India. The British kept it safe for the walkers and there was a time when only three people were allowed to buy cars in Shimla. Those were the Viceroy, The Commander-in-Chief, and the Governor-General. And they were also not allowed to drive up to Mall Road. This promenade and the Ridge, the center of the town have always been traffic-less streets.

The rule is still maintained and the best way to know Shimla is, to walk with your local friend. You may also click here to know more about Day Walks.

4 Days Walking and Birding in Shimla

Shimla Heritage Walk

This is the best way to get to know Shimla better. Shimla is not a very old town. It is only two hundred years ago when the British officers moved up to the hills, and a tiny little village, tucked somewhere in the hills attracted their attention. That became Shimla.

Shimla Heritage Walk is all about the stories of the making and existence of Shimla. You will be led by your local explorer through the heritage zone of this lovely hill station showing most of the architectural sites of Shimla. All these buildings hold amazing stories of the past in their bosoms. Practically once you have finished the walk you will realize that Shimla is a kind of museum of architecture and it is not monotonous.

The major attractions during the walk are the Ridge, the Mall Road, the buildings of Gaiety Theatre, Railway Board Building, Army Training Command, Gorton Castle, the story of Cecil Hotel, and Mr. Mohan Singh Oberoi, the Viceregal Lodge, and many more. You will also see the rooms where the decision on the partition of India was taken and the documents were prepared.

4 Days Walking and Birding in Shimla

Forest Walks

You may have got the impression that Shimla is a crowded town but believe me, Shimla still has got the thickets of forest cover around it. The slopes are fully covered with fir trees, cedar forests, and pine forests. Once you are there with your local explorer of a guide, you will not even realize that you are in a crowded hill station. The tranquil forests around Shimla, dotted with tiny hamlets invite you to walk through them and enjoy nature.

There are a number of forest walks on our menu with a variety and your demand of walking capacity. A few descend whereas some are a blend of uphill and downhill.

Hike to Shali Tibba

Day Hikes

If you are one of the enthusiasts who love hiking, Shimla is the answer to your enthusiasm.  Come and join us on one of these hikes, and let us take you to such points or tops from where a series of Himalayan ranges are clearly visible.  This is the same as to have better results you have to work hard, so similarily to have a better view you have to hike to the top.

So do not hesitate and have the courage to add a better feather to your holiday.

Hike to Shali Tibba

A Day in a Himalayan Village

This is an amazing program that introduces you to the hills. Your host is Kunwar Dushyant Singh and his wife Kunwarani Kamlesh Singh. Kunwar Dushyant is one of the topmost naturalists in India and spent most of his life in the forests of the Himalayas and central India. His main profession was to show birds and tigers to people. He also belongs to the ruling family of the princely state of Dhami, near Shimla, and now lives in his ancestral home in the village of Dhami.

Let us take you to his house and leave you in his hands to decorate your day. He would take you on a short walk in and around his village and then hot lunch cooked by his wife waits for you in his house.

Birding and Walking in Shimla

Bird Watching

Are you a keen birder and looking for the right person to show you the birds in Shimla? Then you are here at the right place. Once again our senior-most team member Kunwar Dushyant Singh is there to take you around for your bird-watching program.  Come with us with your camera and binoculars and we take you on a birding trip.

It depends on the time of the year of your travel and the species of the birds are different. There are pheasants, thrushes, bulbuls, sparrows, bush chats,  magpies, woodpeckers, and many others.

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Sumit Raj: Better known as Summit is the founder of Shimla Walks and qualified tourism professional from Delhi University.

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