Shimla Walks offers Yoga for the beginners.

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners is a five days course that we conduct in the Himalayan foothills, near Shimla. We take you to a remote location that is twenty kilometers away from the main town of Shimla where You will stay in a village house built in the lap of nature and will go through this practice course, Yoga for Beginners, under the guidance of your Yoga teacher.

This, five days course will introduce you to the basics of Yoga, meditation, pranayama, and many other exercises which you can continue doing it later, after learning. Telephonically, we are only a call away to guide you even after the course.

Details of the Course – Yoga for Beginners.

It teaches you the basics of Yoga under the guidance of a well-trained Yoga teacher. In this five days course you will go through various exercises and practices.

Morning Session

  • Suksham Vyayam.
  • Basic Aasana Practice.
  • Pranayam.
  • Basic Meditation Techniques.
  • Mantra Sadhana.

Evening Session

  • Same as in the morning with slight changes in the timings.

Accommodation used in Yoga for Beginners.

We use a village house named as Santa Rosa where you will be staying during the course. Lovely landscape surrounds the house with hilly terrain, pine trees, and views.  The house has two bedrooms, two washrooms, a lobby, and a kitchen. Lower floor of the building is with the family who hardly lives there. Most of the time they are in Shimla and come here only on weekends.  The house is has got all the necessary interior and is accessible through a one km long un-metaled road that bifurcates from the village road. The nearest shop from the house is about two km and the nearest market is seven km. A caretaker and the Yoga instructor are there to take care of you during the course.

Meals during the course – Yoga for Beginners.

Your all meals are the part of  the course. We will serve only pure vegetarian meals which will include, cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk products, drinks made from different ingredients, local products, natural products, and different Indian spices.

Cost for th Course – Yoga for Beginners

Rs. 25500/- Per Person

The given cost is based on twin sharing basis.


Santa Rosa is the name of a Homestay built in a village that is located nearly twenty km to the west of Shimla. The house has got two bedrooms, two washrooms,a lobby and ample open space in the surroudings.

We have incuded pure vegetarian meals for this course. You must follow the strict rules of eating and timmings to have the better results of this course.  

All our Yoga instructors are well trained and well educated wbout their subjects. They are young teachers and have been teaching Yoga for last more than ten years. 


Kindly reach the permises on your own. We do not provide any transportation in this package. The house is located to the west of Shimla in a village called Shaich, Post Office Shakrah, below Ghanahati. The last stretch of the road is untarred and narrow.  Our persone will meet you near the bifurcation and will lead you to the house.

During the day you are free to go around. The area offeres lovely walking trails or quite roads leading to the villages and hammlets. Go on your own to explore the area and learn about the local culture.

Any tickets, drinks, laundry, insurence, delay due to weather or road block etc.


Consumption of any type of Alchohol is completely prohibited during the course.

We do not allow any smoking during the course. We will cancle your course and will ask you to leave the permises immidietly in case we find you making any offence of the rules. No refund will be made.

The course requires a basic level of punctuality. The day begins at 5.30 am and so we expect you to be in time.

Kindly stricktly follow the rules set by the instructor as far as eating and timmings are concerend.

Strickt Rules

Your room is on twin sharing basis. If you are looking for a single acccomodation then extra amount of Rs. 6250/- is to be paid.

Full payment is to be paid in advance. Kindly arrive here in time so that everything goes well. 

Kindly respect others privacy during the course. Also when you visit the villages kindly be poiite to locals and try to listen to them if they say anything. Please do not encoach their fields and area, they may get irritated and complain.

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