Sumit Raj

Sumit Raj


Sumit Raj is the founder of Shimla Walks. His this idea that has been a hit in the tourism industry. Due to his passion for walking, Sumit launched Shimla Walks in 2006.  He has been a keen walker always and that is how the idea of Shimla Walks popped up in his mind. He is always keen to introduce new experiences for the visitors to his amazing town, Shimla. As a responsible tourism professional, Sumit has introduced many programs which make your visit memorable.

Sumit Raj was born in 1967 in Shimla. He is a writer, a poet, a tour guide, a passionate walker with an encyclopedic knowledge of Shimla City, a speaker and a trainer. His father, a railway engineer by profession was also a well-known Urdu poet, was never interested in leaving Shimla. But because of his official transfers, he had to move first to Rohtak and then to Delhi. Hence, Sumit’s phase of academic education was spread over these three towns. Still, despite being a nature lover and a writer he could not acquire the culture of big towns.

Sumit and his Books

Now he tells stories, conducts walks, writes books about his travels, and runs an experience providing company, Shimla Walks. He is a perfect tour companion for the Himalayan valley outings. He also helps those British who return to Shimla looking for their family history. In his words, “It is impossible for me to live away from the mountains. Mountains travel like blood in my veins and when I inhale; they enter my mind and soul”.

Sumit has a vast store of knowledge of Shimla and the culture of Indian Western Himalaya. He started working here as a Heritage Tour Guide in 2000 and has Studied in detail the Origin & History of Shimla. He says, ‘Interestingly my clients are those British who come to see the old houses built by their parents and Grand Parents. Many of them were born, grew up, and studied here’.

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Books written by Sumit Raj

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