Yoga is an ancient Indian practice of getting nurtures your body through its specific exercises. We bring you some unique practices of Yoga in the Himalayan foothills where you are looked after by a local host and the Yoga courses are conducted by a professional.

The open garden of the Himalayan Village house, surrounded by low hills and forest is a perfect place for the participants. Your diet is a part of the course that is decided and suggested by your Yoga teacher. The courses are conducted in the fixed periods that allows you to choose from the menu as per the time that you have.

Have a look at the different courses offered by us and get yourself rejuvenated.

Yoga or Yog, as it is called in Hindi is the way to procure and cure several problems related to your physical and mental health. It is a practice that originated in India around 400 C.E. This practice was introduced by sage Patanjali and then was handed down from teacher to student from generation to generation. A Yogi, the practitioner is able to unit his body, mind, and spirit together and is able to cure a number of problems in his body, mind, and his life.

We at Shimla Walks combine Yoga with our Walks and offer a number of courses for beginners.

Our Yoga courses combined with our Walking experiences are suitable enough for those suffering from stress, blood pressure, diabetes, and overweight. 

We understand that stress is the main reason for all these problems in today’s lifestyle. 

Learn and follow the instructions of the Yoga Guru and get transformed to the word of patience.

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