Bird Watching

Birding in Shimla

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

The Price for Bird Watching in Shimla

On Request.

Around Shimla, there are ample places for Bird Watching. Birds are generally found near water and around Shimla, there are a number of tiny streams and wooded valleys. These valleys provide shelter to several bird species around the year. 

Our qualified naturalists have studied wildlife and bird life thoroughly and have spent long years of lives in the forests. They conduct birding tours and nature walks not only for general tourists but for several celebrities as well.

At Shimla Walks, we are the first to introduce Bird Watching in Shimla with a naturalist. 

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  • Water, Guide, lavish breakfast with an Artist. 

  • You may select for transportation if you want us to arrange it for you. We walk at your pace, so please do not hesitate to stop and take photos, if you want. Transport is required for this tour. Kindly inform us in case you want us to organize one for you. We shall be glad to do that on extra cost.
  • Carry your binoculars, camera and other equipment for Bird Watching in Shimla. You may have to walk for two kilometer around Dhami village on a mountain trail to look for your favorite birds so please wear comfortable shoes.  


Drive to the Birding area

You can drive alone or ask us to organize a car for you, but please remember to leave at dawn. The drive is lovely, through the woods, The areas are peaceful dominated only by the silence.

Walk around the forest

Spend a good two hours with our naturalist on this walk. Depending upon the season, he would tell you about the birds arriving in the area. The views are amazing and because there are trees like wild cherry, oaks, Himalayan fig, pear, and many others so several birds like barbets, thrushes, parakeets, magpies, tits, sparrows, and finches keep hoovering around.

Breakfast with an Artist

We drive to the house of a well-known artist from India, Mr. Him Chatterjee. After Bird Watching in Shimla, a lavish breakfast awaits you in his house.

After spending a lovely morning on this trip we drive back to Shimla.

General information


10:00 AM to 04:00 PM


Available throughout the year, except on Snowy days.

Call or WhatsApp

+91 7018703170

Other Information

Type of Tour. 

  • Private Tour.

Do not Forget to Bring.

  • Camera, binoculars, Walking Shoes, Sun Screen, Sun Hat, Personal medicine (if any), Warm Jacket in Winter.

Transportation required.

  • Kindly let us know if you have your own transport, otherwise, we shall organize it an extra cost. 

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