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Sanjauli Cemetery

British Cemeteries in Shimla

The Price for British Cemeteries in Shimla is INR 5,000/-

The price mentioned is for 1 – 4 people traveling together. For Extra Person INR 700/- per person.

Since 2009, after we came in touch with BACSA, (British Association of Cemeteries in South Asia), we have already helped a number of  Brits find their family roots in Shimla. We can help you as well. The  authorities in Shimla have got very good records of the burials and births. If you are a descendant of a British family who lived in India, especially in Shimla and you are looking for the records of their, burial, school, marriage, or some house where your ancestors resided during their tenure in the hills, then we can help.  

There was a total of five British Cemeteries in Shimla out of which only one is in use, even now.  Shimla was the Summer Capital of British India, and so, a number of Brits lived here during the Raj and many of them even died here. They are resting in peace in the various British cemeteries in Shimla and some of the graves are in good shape. 

The cemetery in Sanjauli, the the eastern end of Shimla is still in use. The cemetery has nearly three hundred graves but many of them have lost their slab-stones and the inscriptions whereas many others are in good shape. The only problem is the encroachment of land. People pass through the cemetery to cut short their way to homes. Boy enter the ground and use it as their play ground. 

One of the other British cemeteries in Shimla, located at Kanlog, to the south of Shimla was recently repaired and has taken a good shape.   

Finish your walk near an old bridge that was the first step taken towards the improvement of the town, but stops, before that the oldest graveyard is also a part of your walk.

  • A well conversed English Speaking Guide/ Local Explorer with complete knowledge of Cemeteries.
  • Water and light refreshment.
  • The price shown on the right side is only for the Walk.
  • Rest everything is optional.
  • You guide will meet you at the hotel. 

The Program

09.30 AM : The Guide / Local Explorer will report at your hotel.

The guide reports at your hotel in time and then will lead you first to Sanjauli cemetery.  From the tunnel, a narrow lane through the shops and houses from here leads us to the gates of the cemetery. 

Cemetery in Sanjauli

This cemetery is the latest cemetery in Shimla. It was opened in 1920 and is still used by Indian Christians. The cemetery has some of the important citizens of Shimla buried here. Some of them to name are Alexander Coutts – the man who introduced apple fruit in this area, Alice M. Draott, Elizabeth – a writer and author, Mr. Herington – the Chief Engineer of Kalka Shimla Railways, and many more.

Explore the cemetery and then walk back to the vehicle.

Kanlog Cemetery

We move towards the second cemetery in Shimla, Kanlog Cemetery. This cemetery was opened in 1863 and was closed in 1920. We drive to the cemetery and then have ample time to explore. It is divided into two parts. Once this was an isolated location but later when the road was built to bypass the town of Shimla, this place started seeing some development. Unfortunately the authorities cut the road trough the cemetery and divided it into two parts.

The Oldest Cemetery

The vehicles will drop us at the start of Mall Road. We shall walk to the Mall from here. On the way,  we shall see the oldest cemetery. This was started in 1828 and was closed in 1841. After that, we walk back to the Mall Raod.


General information about this tour

Time to start British Cemeteries in Shimla

  • 09:00AM to 03:00PM

Schedule for British Cemeteries in Shimla

  • Daily

British Cemeteries in Shimla cannot be done on

  • On the festival of Diwali and on the festival of Holi.

Group Size for British Cemeteries in Shimla

  • 1 to 8 (Private Tour)

Geographical Information


  • 2,276 m


  • Spring: March-May
  • Monsoon: July-September
  • Autumn: October-November.
  • Winter: December-February.

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  • The warmest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 20.9 °C | 69.6 °F.
  • January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 5.6 °C | 42.1 °F.
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Level & Gradual


  • Road, Walk, and Drive.

 Traffic on the road

  • Yes. Most of the time we are going to be on a traffic road.

Other Information

  Tour Type of British Cemeteries in Shimla

  • Private Tour

Bring with you to British Cemeteries in Shimla

  • Camera, Walking Shoes, Sunglasses, Sun Screen, Umbrella on a rainy day, Rain Cover, Sun Hat, Personal medicine (if any), Warm Jacket in Winter.

 Transportation for British Cemeteries

  • Kindly inform us if you have one, otherwise, we can arrange it at on extra cost.


  • Go to Woods, or when we reach Mall Road.

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