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Viceroy’s Hunting Forest

The Price for Forest Walk in Shimla 

Rs. INR 5000/-

The price mentioned for Forest Walk is for  1 – 4 people traveling together. For Extra Person INR 1000/- per person.

Call us to book your Forest Walk in Shimla and enjoy Nature with us. This Forest Walk in Shimla will introduce you to Shimla through a local.

∗   5-star Rating

The trail of Hunting Forest Walk through the forest was later developed as a road for the Jeep of the Raja of the area. When the main road came up the Jeep road was ignored and with time it got covered under the overgrowth. You will walk through this trail and still imagine the forest is untouched. Even now, some of the forest is untouched and has no human interference.

When Lord Linlithgow, the Viceroy of India in 1942 during the war was hunting in this forest, he was sent a message that America had joined the war. This forest, to the west of Shimla, was the hunting ground of the Viceroy and was well supported by the Raja of the area. After the mutiny in 1857, every Viceroy came to hunt in this forest and camped there for several days.

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  • A well-conversed English Speaking Guide who knows the mountain trails very well.
  • Water, and light refreshment.

  • The price shown on the right side is only for the Walk and rest everything is optional.
  • We walk at your pace so Do NOT worry if the time exceeds.
  • The guide will report at your hotel and so kindly be in time.


09.30 AM : The Guide / Local Explorer will report at your hotel.

This Hunting Forest Walk in Shimla initially is a climb up but then it descends to a village. On a clear day offers amazing views of the Great Himalayan ranges.

Camping Ground ot the Viceroy

After the initial stretch of this Hunting Forest Walk in Shimla, we reach a ridge on which the old Camping Ground is there. This was used by the Viceroy of India during his hunting expeditions. Later we continue to reach a temple.

A Hidden Village

Continue to descend to the forest and the narrow trail leads you to a hidden village. Rest for a while here and then carry on. 

The last stretch.

The initial part of this portion is a waitssteep descend but soon it reaches the valley of Ratanpur where the driver waites for us to take you back to your hotel. 

General information

Time to start Hunting Forest  Walk

  • The Guide will report at your hotel at 09:30 AM. You drive to the starting point for forty five minute and then start the walk. You will be on the trail for nearly three hours before you return to your hotel by 03:00 PM

  Schedule for Hunting Forest Walk

  • We do this walk almost every day except during monsoon months and on snowy days.

We May not do this Hunting Forest Walk 

  • Monsoon Months: 15th July – 20th September. During the monsoon, there are a lot of leaches near the water channels so we avoid doing the walk during those months. Snowy Days: Please check the weather: 

  What to see in Hunting Forest Walk

  • Forest, Villages, Remote Villages, Local Lifestyle, 

 Group Size for Hunting Forest Walk

  • 1 to 8 (Private Tour)

Geographical Information


  • Start from: 2,276 meters and descend to: 1,800 m


  • Spring: March-May, Monsoon: July – September, Autumn: October – November,  Winter: December – February.

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  • The warmest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 20.9 °C | 69.6 °F. January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 5.6 °C | 42.1 °F. Click here to check the current temperature.

 Inclines and Declines

Descend through a Forested Trail.



  • Hilly.

 Traffic on road

  • No Traffic on this walk.

Other Information

Tour Type of this Forest Walk

  • All our tours are Private Tours, and so is this.

Bring for this Forest Walk

  • Camera, Walking Shoes, Sunglasses, Sun Screen, Umbrella on a rainy day, Rain Cover, Sun Hat, Personal medicine (if any), Warm Jacket in Winter.

 Transportation for this Forest Walk

  • Required. 

Toilets on the Forest Walk

  • Go to the woods, Hotel Gables.

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