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Charter a Steam Train 

The Price for Charted Kalka Shimla Toy Train  


For Minimum a Group of 30 passengers.

∗   5-star Rating

Book your charter Kalka Shimla Toy Train with a steam engine with us. This is one of the best and the most interesting ways to have the colonial experience. This age-old KC 20 steam engine was brought here from Scotland in 1905 and was withdrawn from service in 1971. Then restored in 2003 when the railway track completed its one hundred years. Your companion on this journey is Sumit Raj, the writer of A Journey to Shimla by Toy Train.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train is a marvel example of engineering introduced in the hills of India. The British built this track to move the summer capital, every year, to the hills and then take it back. This steam train goes for twenty-three kilometers and terminates.

The British built Kalka Shimla Toy Train in 1903 and they brought this steam engine KC 520 from England. The engine kept hauling boogies till 1971 when they withdrew it from the services. In 2003 KSR completed its one hundred years and the authorities restored it to bring it back. Since then it has been running on request.

Our founder Sumit Raj is your companion on this journey. He is the writer of his famous book – A Journey to Shimla by Toy Train for which, in 2011, he walked from Kalka to Shimla and collected a large number of stories and information.

A twenty-three kilometers journey on a Charted Train from Shimla Railway Station Kalka to Kaithalighat.

Guided by Sumit Raj, a local writer who has penned a number of books on Shimla.

Transport from Kaithalighat and back to Shimla. 


Start from Shimla Railway Station.

Our cars will pick you up from your hotel to drive to Shimla Railway Station from where we board the Steam train. The train leaves in time and leads through the winding curves, tunnels, and bridges. Here begins the fairytale-like journey. The landscape keeps changing, every moment and suddenly it enters a dark tunnel. By the time you realize the effect of the tunnel, it emerges on the other end with a new vista in front of you, perhaps this time on the other side of the compartment.

The Journey

It keeps going and when a railway station arrives, either you see the Station Master standing with a green flag in his hand, that allows the driver to go on. Otherwise, a stopover is required, perhaps because the line ahead is not clear and some other train from the opposite direction is on its way. This gives you sufficient time to pop out of the train and click some nice photos of the area. Also, you may choose to go with your Guide to the Station Master’s office and learn about Neil’s communication system that still works on this age-old railway track.

The Journey Continues

 It will not stop at every station but every station does have a story to tell. So, after one and half hours the journey finally ends at Kaithalighat from where the cars pick you up to bring you back to Shimla. 


What to see on Kalka Shimla Toy Train Journey

  • Foothills of the Himalayan landscape, hamlets spotted on the slopes, an engineering feat, vista of the Himalayan landscape, tiny railway stations, Barog Tunnel – the longest tunnel on this railway track, tridges built in the Roman style of architecture. 


To book Kalka Shimla Toy Train

The Charted Train needs to be booked at least three weeks in advance. The authorities inform us only a week or ten days before the date of your journey. Kindly let us know your date of travel.

General information

Time for Kalka Shimla Toy Train

  • As per your choice. Half an hour before or after the regular train. 

Schedule for Kalka Shimla Toy Train

  • Round the year. 


  • Mountain Railway Journey.

Group Size

  • 20 to 30.

  Starting from

  • Shimla Railway Station.

  Finish at

  • Kaithalighat Railway Station (23 km).

    Geographical Information

    Altitude on Kalka Shimla Tour Train Journey

    • Start from 684 m and  ascend to 2,000 m.

    Weather and Temperature

    • Click here to check the current temperature.

    Inclines and Declines

    • Ascend through a Forested Trail.


    • Hilly.


      What is the total time taken on Kalka Shimla Toy Train?

      • 5.5 hours.

      What are the timings?

      • Half an hour before or after any regular train starting from the origin.

      Where do we meet?

      • Shimla Kalka Railway Station half an hour before the scheduled time.

      We are traveling to Shimla with a group from overseas. Can we book this trip with you when I arrive at Shimla?

      • No, It needs to be booked at least a month before the date of travel.

      One of the members of our group is in a wheelchair. Can he/she join the tour? 

      • Yes.

      What about the price? 

      • It is always on demand because we need to have some information from you before we book this particular tour for you. We shall send you the price on the basis of your reply.

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