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Shali Tibba Trek

Day Hike in Shimla

The Price for Shali Tibba Trek in Shimla is

Rs. INR 5000/-

The price mentioned for Shali Tibba is for  1 – 4 people traveling together. For Extra Person INR 700/- per person.

∗   5 star Rating

Shali Tibba trek in the vicinity of Shimla  takes a full day. The drive to the starting point is through the amazing landscape, villages, and hamlets. Shali tibba trek starts from the elevation of 2000 meters and takes you to 3500 meters.   

Clouds dipping in the valleys, hanging cliffs, forested paths, trails branching off in different directions, calls of some Himalayan birds, and a few village houses sheltered by the wilderness – these are the main features of this hike. There is nothing here that does not fascinate you.

A little longer drive from Shimla to the base of the peak is full of scenery. Almost traffic-less roads, tiny hamlets dotted on the slopes and forested slopes all over will force you to think about how people survive in these hills.

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  • A well-conversed English Speaking Guide/ Local Explorer who knows the mountain trails very well.
  • A Mineral Water bottle for everyone.
  • Light refreshment.

  • The price shown on the right side is only for the Walk.
  • Rest everything is optional.
  • We walk at your pace so Do NOT worry if the time exceeds.
  • The Explorer / your local Friend from Shimla Walks will report at your hotel or the starting point 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
  • We have to start well on time because we have a long day ahead.


08.30 AM : The Guide / Local Explorer will report at your hotel.

A forty-kilometer drive from Shimla will take us to the base of the peak from where we will start the hike.  The last stretch of the road is untarred. At the base, we will say goodbye to the driver to see him later.

The Path and the Forest

A forty-kilometer drive from Shimla will take us to the base of the peak from where we will start the hike.  The last stretch of the road is untarred. At the base, we will say goodbye to the driver to see him later. 

The top and the View

The zigzagging way finally brings you to the top. The courtyard of the temple is a wide-open space but the flight of stairs, nearly a hundred, invites you to the top where the temple is situated. The ground around the temple is the highest point in the closest vicinity of Shimla to enjoy the view of the Himalayan ranges. (Subject to Weather).


This hilltop offers a birds eye view to all its sides. This is a focal point to learn more about Shimla hills and their geography. All around you may see the old princely states and their area.

Have a bite and return

Let’s have some refreshments and a drink. Spend some time there looking at the view on all sides from the peak and then return.

General information

 Time to start Shali Tibba Trek

  • 08:30AM to 06:00PM

Starting Point of Shali Tibba Trek

  • 2 hrs. 

 Shali Tibba Trek cannot be done

  • On snowy Days: Please check the weather

Experience of Shali Tibba Trek

  • Day hike to the highest peak in the closest vicinity of Shimla. 

 Group Size for Nature Walk

  • 1 to 8 (Private Tour)

    Geographical Information


    • Start from: 2,276 m
    • Ascend to: 3,000 m


    • Spring: March-May
    • Monsoon: July – September
    • Autumn: October – November.
    • Winter: December – February.

    Click here to check the weather forecast.


    • The warmest month of the year is June, with an average temperature of 20.9 °C | 69.6 °F.
    • January has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 5.6 °C | 42.1 °F.

     Inclines and Declines

    Ascend through a Forested Trail.


    • Hilly.

     Traffic on road

    • No Traffic on this walk.

    Other Information

    Tour Type 

    • All our tours are Private Tours, and so is this.

    Bring with you

    • Camera, Walking Shoes, Sunglasses, Sun Screen, Umbrella on a rainy day, Rain Cover, Sun Hat, Personal medicine (if any), Warm Jacket in Winter.


    • Transport is definitely required to do this walk. Kindly let us know in case you need to have your own car, otherwise, you can add it to the cost at the time of making your booking for this walk.


    • Go to the woods.

    Call or WhatsApp s for booking

    +91 7018703170

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