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This is just a note to thank you so much for sharing your insights on Shimla and taking us to the places where our family lived, worked and played. Our three ays with you were very excellent!!
Allan and Pat

From England , October 2013

Sumit enabled us to understand India deeply from various prospective. He is educated person who has long experience traveling across India. We spent marvelous time with him.

Conclusion : We find the experience traveling with this guy very fruitful for us. We shall recommend our friends to use his services.

Eyal Rivlin, Yorit Rivlin, Ido, Naom, Amanon Karti & Einat Kartin

We could not have been in better hands. You were magnificent. You appreciated what we wanted to see and you understood as well what we should see. You balanced everything so well despite being limited in time. Thank you for investigating the possible locations of Birdwood’s private homes. It was lovely to walk along there. The combination of hotel and visiting from there was perfect for us and we appreciated your organization of all our movements around the town.

You imparted to us so much more than just the history of Shimla and for that, we are so very grateful. We had a lovely trip back down on the train. The main other passengers in our compartment were two brothers and all their families. Cricket and their young children filled our journey, as well as stunning scenery and amazing constructions.

We wish you all the very best for the future and for that of your daughter. Thank you so much for your careful considerate and ever so informative guide. We could not have had better.


Richard and Annette Ferrimond

From England

Sumit is the best tour Guide that Sharon and I have ever had. He showed us around Shimla and environs. Sumit also arranged for us to meet the gentleman that now runs a school which was the scene for “Staying On” – with Trevor Howard (a sequel to “Jewel in the Crown”).

Sumit has written three books on Shimla (they are superbly illustrated and really quite excellent) focusing first and foremost on history. When we told Sumit of your grandfather’s role in the transfer of the entire contents of the British government’s files and other necessities between Delhi and Shimla every six months he was totally intrigued. Sumit works nowadays also on helping people, with known ancestors in Shimla, find their roots.

Jeremy Broughton & Sharon

February 2012

 Shimla was wonderful and was probably the highlight for me.  We found the family home, Strawberry Hill, although sadly the original house was burned down in 1938 but I’m now in touch with the owners who bought it from my family so I’m hoping they may have some pre 1938 photos.

I don’t know if this will be of any help to you but we had a very good guide in Shimla who is a local resident called Sumit Vashisht.  Not only was he very knowledgeable, but he was also a very nice guy, but his English also was perfect, and he’s very interested in doing more ancestry tours as well as his heritage walks through Shimla.

Nick Lahey Bean and Gwen

From Canada

We had the pleasure of being escorted by a Guide called Shatrughan. He met us off our train in Chandigarh. His timing was excellent for our pick up. He was outside our Carriage on the platform waiting. Shatrughan was able to communicate with excellent English which made us feel comfortable as we did not have any knowledge of the language. He took control of our luggage & requested that we follow him to our private air-conditioned car. He had a very alternative attitude and measured balance of tourist information on route for sites, quite time and, interest of us and, our experience of India so far.

On route, we stopped and he settled us at an eating café with clear instruction for our collection. One arrive at Solan train station, he escorted us to our seats on the Himalayan Queen and made sure we were comfortable. Our luggage was driven separately. His attention to details was very reassuring.  He organized to check our wellbeing at the station on the route, this was in case any of us wished to get off and travel in the car with luggage. When we arrived in Shimla, his timing was excellent and he delivered a wonderful sightseeing tour with clear and interesting narration. We would be happy to recommend his service to anyone needing a safe experience guide that goes that extra mile to assist.

Pro. John Mackenzie and Nigel R Dalziel

From Scotland

We enjoyed the tour to Leh / Ladakh with Sumit through and I am pleased to repeat that everything that was promised was delivered. We were met at the airport in Leh and everything was taken care of for the entire time.

Sumit is a very good Tour Guide – always available to help, answer questions and make suggestions about things to do and see. I was personally surprised that things worked out so well. In addition the staff he has working with him are very friendly + helpful, including an excellent Chef.

Sumit is very knowledgeable about the area and the whole of India in general. We have no hesitation in recommending his services to other

Jane Scott, Ken and Marry

From Canada

Sumit took us to Kanlog cemetery, which answers all the descriptions we have been able to find of it – pretty derelict.  He is very knowledgeable on all things involving Shimla having written several books on the subject. He has been involved in work in the Sanjauli cemetery, and also the finding of the CWGC graves in Kanlog.  He is very keen to do further work on the Kanlog cemetery and uncover graves there, but would need some funding. I asked how much, and he was going to think about this.  In the winter the undergrowth would not be so bad, but if the cemetery was to be cleared it would then need funds for further upkeep.  He said St Michels (the Catholic Church) is responsible for the maintenance (which has obviously not taken place), but I am unclear why the catholic church should be the one responsible.

Tony and Jane Bennet

From Canada

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