Photography Walks

Leh Triangle

The wind blows and the Buddhist prayer flags, tied across the Leh bazaar, flutter. As the day advances, the women from the surrounding villages start arriving and occupy the place along the pedestrian’s pathway to sell their vegetables. The descendants of the Mongolian race, these women, in their robes, generally in coffee color, are the […]

Janjheli – The Paradise Unexplored

I am lost. My camera refuses to stop clicking. My eyes refuse even to blink. Sound in my throat is choked. I am feeling like embraced only by nature’s beauty. Janjheli – a place that I have missed till now. I don’t know, why I didn’t come here earlier. The place is still away from […]

Kandru Valley – A Must See Beautiful Destination in Himachal

Kandru Valley

In case you want to have a typical hill experience in terms of culture, architecture, lifestyle, remote villages, fruit orchards, rolling meadows, emerging rocks and barren fields and all that close to Shimla, then there is no better option than to visit village Dalog in Kandru Valley. Absolutely unexplored and untouched from the bustling city […]

Nubra Valley in Ladakh – A Tourist Paradise

Shimla Walks

We are sure that you would not like to miss a chance to feel like as if you are walking on moon. How about drive over the highest motor-able Pass in the world. Yes, we are talking about one of the most beautiful places of this planet, Nubra Valley! If you are really interested then a […]