Have you ever heard of Japanese jackfruit? Or maybe Arabian Apples or perhaps Mongolian Mangoes? Never, right? You would never trust that these products have any connection with these places. Then how can you trust Shimla Shawls? Believe me, Shimla does not produce any Pashmina Shawl. If you go to Shimla and see any shop with the board outside ‘Shimla Shawls’ then please understand that all the material being sold through this shop is fake. Pashmina comes from Kashmir, not from Shimla.

No Pashmina Shopping in Shimla

Here comes summer and the schools in the plains go closed. The temperature rises and makes everyone rush towards the hills. Apart from travel, sightseeing, travel, horse riding, forest driving, rafting, food, enjoyment, and much more. Shopping of course is an essential part of the holiday. But the question is what to buy? We alert you from falling into the hands of the shopkeepers, selling fake material in the name of Pashmina Shawl. There are a large number of shops in Shimla that try to prove the authenticity of fake Pashmina Shawl by passing the whole length of the shawl through your ring, but still, you have to be careful before taking any final decision.

It comes from Kashmir

Pashmina or Cashmere is NOT the product of Himachal Pradesh. It comes from Kashmir or Nepal. The main goats, Changyara, Chegu, and Changthangi from whom pure Pashmina is obtained are found in the high regions of Kashmir and Nepal. One has to be careful while buying Pashmina Shawl in Shimla as most of the shops are not selling authentic Pashmina. You ask the shopkeeper the names of the Pashmini goats, mentioned above, and they fail to tell. Most of the material is brought from Punjab, made on power looms, and sold here in the name of Pashmina. The material that they use is voil and it holds a large resemblance to Pashmina. So kindly be careful.

Pashmina Shawl in Shimla is sold in Labasa

The man from Kashmir

So here was a chance for a Kashmiri gentleman called Mr. Azad to start his business of Pashmina shawls and other Kashmiri products, in Shimla. His shop named Libaasa, located fifty yards from the famous Scandal Point towards the Central Telegraph Office, to the left side, displays a large variety of products including, shawls, scarfs, tea-cozy covers, cushions, wall hangings, rugs, ladies embroidered coats, ladies embroidered suits and bedspreads. He says that Pashmina is a fabric obtained from the Pashmini Goats, that provide warmth to the body in the extreme winter months. In Kashmir Pashmina is made in the villages. There are plain shawls and also there are embroidered shawls. One embroidered shawl may take nearly a month to come to its actual shape. There is pure Pashmina and there is another product called Water Pashmina. Water Pashmina is mixed with silk.

Rugs in Pashmina in Shimla

Cushion Covers

These Cushion Covers are embroidered on cloth with silk threads in vibrant colors. Every design is unique in itself and one is never repeated. What you buy and keep it in your room is unique in this world. In case of need of set of five cushion covers you have to choose five different pieces and all of them together form a colorful appearance in your room. Embroidered on cloth or on sheep wool with silk threads, these rugs can be used for different purposes. You may choose to hang them on the wall or pick one to spread on the Diwan in your drawing room. These rugs are also made in different colors and in different sizes. Depending upon your choice you may go for light color or dark color.

Ladies Embroidered Coats

Embroidered on silk or cotton cloth in different colors these coats are worn over suits, jeans, and trousers and can be very good party wear. Different in style these coats add a different feather to your personality.

Tea Cozy Covers

To keep your tea warm in a tea pot, these tea cozy covers play an important role. Embroidery on cloth with different colors of silk threads, these tea cozy covers from Kashmir are some of the best souvenirs for your nears and dears. They are made in different shapes showing animals, birds or just appearing like a cap. Shopping is an essential part of your holiday and we do not want your hard-earned money going down the drain. So kindly be careful while stepping into the shops selling the products claiming to be locally made, as Shimla DOES NOT produce these products, especially Pashmina Shawls.

Paper Mache

The history of Paper Mache comes from Egypt and the Middle East and gradually it moved to India. The material is prepared by soaking paper in water and then glue and starch are added. Kashmiri products from Kashmir are entirely unique products. There is a wide range of Paper Mache products that include jewelry boxes, incense stick stands, candle stands, fruit bowls, Christmas bells, and much more.

Be careful when you shop in Shimla and someone tries to lure you by showing Pashmina Shawls or Shimla Shawls. There are a few shops opened by some Delhi people near the lift, with the board written on them that reads Shimla Shawls. All fake material, anyone one can make out. Contact Shimla Walks for more information.

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