Silence in the Hills

My thoughts raising from my inside interrupt the peace. Whole country is in the lap of sleep. The demon of Corona virus is roaming everywhere in the world. Thousands of people are infected by this virus and many of them have lost their life where as others are struggling to survive it. No one has any medicine or a remedy to fight escape it. Whole day I passed listening to the news related to this fatal disease.

The industry Damaged

My work has come to stand still. No bookings for a walking guide to earn his day to day survival. Several mails have arrived asking to cancel all the bookings that has brought complete damage to business.

How shall we survive now? The question disturbs me. I do not have any other way to earn my survival. I am a small tour guide and live on the money that I make from my clients who come to see my town with me. They pay me my fee and some tip and that is the only way for me and my team to earn our living. But now every movement of any tourist has been suspended for indefinite time.

It is peace everywhere but every mind is disturbed at the moment. A government employee of a private entrepreneur everyone has the same thought, what would happen to his business or to his job.

Unable to sleep with this problem in mind I get up and come out in my balcony. The dark has taken the entire area in its grip. No one is worried about the problem at this hour but tomorrow morning when they will get up again the troubles will surround them. New rules from the Government shall be imposed. New problems will be there for the new day and they will began to struggle to get rid of their new troubles. It never stops. Troubles keep coming and keep us busy.

Corona Virus

The whole world is tensed due to the sudden attack of this pandemic named as COVID-19 or Corona Virus. Every human is scared at the moment and is thinking of what to do next. I plan a lot to improve my work but every thought is defeated when I think of the situation been created by Corona virus. This has come to the world as a Demon and has taken almost everyone in its grip. If one is not in its grip physically then mentally he is.

Who has created it and why? Some say that it was done accidentally and some others say that someone in China created this virus in a lab and left it in the world. Have we, the humans, become so mean and selfish that for our own benefit we are ready to kill others?

Nothing is happening in the world because every country is being locked down or being put under curfew. Several people have died in the recent past, due to this pandemic and many more are suffering from its attack. How many more are going to lose their life, is not known. I am also suffering from flu and cold for last two weeks. I took the medicine from Dr. Surinder Singh – a homeopath who has his clinic near the old Bus Station. His medicine has always helped to fight against the fever or cold. This time it has taken more time to cure, perhaps because I had to travel with a tourist group from Newzeland. We went to Dharamsala, Amritsar, Chandigarh and then to Shimla.

From my Balcony

From my balcony I think of the people of my country and of the people from the other parts of the world. How much damage we have already done to nature. So many forests, we have destroyed to set up new towns. A number of animals became homeless or even died. So much of air we have polluted and so many rivers we have polluted by setting new factories. Most of the beaches on earth are dirty because of us. Almost every street is full of garbage because we do not recycle it. The sky is not blue any more because of the layers of smog. The birds have disappeared from the skies and there are no tigers or leopards in the jungles. During monsoon hardly we see any spiders, insects, centipedes or scorpions. Our children know nothing about changing views of the landscape due to mist. The Nature has been disturbed a lot because of its violation.

Those trees, animals, insects, birds, fishes, worms never made any complaint against us. They isolated themselves to some other forests and mountains and when we intruded in those areas as well they reduced in their numbers. Either they died to extinct or just stopped producing their kids.

Cleaning Campaign

Whatever is going on in the world at the moment is, nature’s cleaning campaign. Mother Nature has incarnated herself in the form of a virus and finish all those demons who have violated her regulatory system. It has come up aggressively this time to teach a lesson to the violators. It has come up with its broom to clean the garbage from the world so that everyone created by her can breathe properly. She gives us a lot when we are born. She makes us healthy, physically and mentally both, to earn our living and earn the items of our need. But we become greedy and that greed puts us in trouble.

This cleaning campaign will continue for some more time. But I know that the people of this world are never going to learn a lesson from this episode. Mother Nature will have to return with a stronger weapon.

Writer : Sumit Raj Vashisht

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