Kalpa a small village surrounded by apple orchards in the lap of the Himalayas is a place that offers you nature on a platter. During summer, here, you don’t have to go around finding a cool breeze. In winter you remain engulfed by the chillness and during monsoon rising mist is always there to offer the changing landscape and keep your jaws dropped. Kalpa is also a place that keeps pouring the blessing of Lord Shiva on you as the Shivling peaks rising up to 6,000 meters in front dominate the entire region. Near Powari, nearly 240 kilometres from Shimla, on the Hindustan Tibet road branches off and winds up for eighteen kilometres. Suddenly you are in the fairyland.

Kalpa – An Apple Bowl in the lap of the Himalayas

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, and if this apple is from Kalpa then you need to think of a Doctor ever in your life. Kalpa is one place in the hills where, as per its present conditions, I would like to live for the whole of my life. Surrounded by the orchards of apples and apricots, the place leaves you abiding with nature. There is a lovely village called Roghi, 5 kilometers from Kalpa that is approachable by a narrow road. The walk offers magnificent views of the Shivling peaks, distant villages, and green slopes. The Cedar forests here create a different view at every step.

Kalpa is one of the most beautiful new hill stations of India

Culture, Villages, Religion, and Architecture of Kalpa

Village Roghi has a small temple dedicated to Luxmi Narayan and is an excellent example of hill architecture. The villagers keep welcoming strangers and like to share their lifestyle and knowledge about the area. The narrow road, on which driving a vehicle is a technique in itself, has been made by cutting the vertical hill slope. Because of the vertical drops from the cliff, to the left various points appear to be like suicide points. But at the same time, the view of the distant hills is just magnificent.

Hotel Grand Shangrila in Kalpa is the best option for staying.

Your Stay at Kalpa

Kalpa offers a variety of hotels and Guest Houses. If you want to enjoy the best food, elegantly decorated rooms with moderately attached facilities, excellent views, and the welcoming smiles of your hosts, we recommend you to go to Hotel Gand Shambala. This is owned by Prithvi and Ashok, the two brothers. Both of them are the perfect hosts and the designers of the hotel as well. Hotel Grand Shagrila is a new hotel in Kalpa and is set amidst an apple orchard. They are on the way to change the trend of hospitality in this region. All rooms offer a panoramic view of the high-rising snow-clad peaks. The restaurant of Hotel Grand Shangrila offers a variety of food such as Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, and local as well.

Temple in village Telengi in the village near Kalpa.

Something more about the hotel 

The top floor of the hotel has a library that offers a variety of books, always open to its residents. A special area has been prepared for the clients to sit, sip, and read. Internet is on house for all the guests and Coffee on demand is served wherever you want. So in case you are planning you next holiday to be in the lap of mother nature then Kalpa is a perfect place for you.

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