The sun rose from behind the Jakhu hill and sunrays spread through the valley. Whole area got sunny in a few seconds. The deep blue sky forced me to leave my bed and come out to my balcony.

It is peaceful. After two days of snow, in the month of March, today it looks like the weather is going to be in favour of people. The road below my house is quiet. Today is Sunday so there is no one walking uphill or waiting for the bus. The first bus leaves from here for the town at half past seven. In the morning and people start gathering here to wait for the bus.

It snowed, mixed with rain, in last three days. The upper ridges are white but here in village Ragyan it did not retain and melted immediately. we surprised at the temperature in the month of march dropping as low as 2 degrees centigrade. I did not go out and remained at home. Thanks to the department of electricity who kept us warm through the electric heaters.

A Lorry at Night

On the rooftop of my neighbour there is some snow left from yesterday. It has slid to a lowest corner of the roof and got collected there. It will melt soon as the day is getting warm now.

Last evening at around half past eleven a lorry loaded with iron pipes arrived in the area and the driver halted just below my balcony. God knows why he kept the engine on and disappeared. Also he left his speaker on with awful ear-shattering music that disturbed my sleep. These lorry drivers do such things. They move all the stuff across the country and deserve a great level of respect but no one respects them due to their such recklessness. This driver did not understand that in the hills sound travels far distance and at night it is more disturbing not only to the area but to the animals in the forest as well. After sometime he returned with some labour to unload the vehicle but due to cold they refused to work. So he had to take his vehicle away and park it somewhere at a safe place.

The peace gripped are area once again.

New Neighbours

Yesterday some new tenants moved into the house below me. Whole day I heard the sounds of moving the luggage here and there. They belong to a small village near Bilaspur. Their son, Vijay, is a student of first year at Snowdon Medical College and going to be a Medical Practitioner. Although the hostel provides him better atmosphere for his studies but he fell sick due to the unhygienic food served to the students there. So his parents decided to get him a quarter in this village. They are peace loving people and like to live in a peaceful atmosphere.

Today morning I met the boy’s uncle. He sounded to me like a poet because he described the beauty of the forest in front of his house in a very poetic manner. When I asked him he said that he writes poetry in Hindi. He never had a chance to get his work published but he keeps writing and maintains the record of his poems.

Writing keeps me busy whole day. It is not necessary for me to keep the copy and pen always with me because I am still writing when I am not sitting on my writing table. Something is always going on in my mind and stories keep following me. Many thoughts come and go but I manage to keep many of them safe in my mind and later pen them down.

Today is a sunny day. So I pick up my diary and pen and move out to find a place under some tree and write my journal.

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