At the moment the whole world is worried because of the effects of Corona Virus. What will happen and how are we going to survive if it continues like this. The economy has collapsed and all the businesses are closed. There is no news related to financial services and financial flow. Only the government employees are happy because they have guaranteed income or pensions. But what about the businessmen, big or small. Everyone is thinking about its damages and about the life after it.

But I have a different feeling about it. Nature has arrived with its broom to clean the earth. Do not go out. It is very dusty out there. It is going to clear all the litter that you have thrown. Entire life you have spent in spoiling Nature. It is going to increase the number of trees that you have chopped and destroyed till now. It is going to clean up all the rivers that you have filled with dirt. It is also going to clean up the air that you have polluted. It is also going to bring the brightness of the day back that you have lost due to the smog you have created through your vehicles and factories. It is going to take everything back from you that you have snatched from her that you never deserved.

It will clean up the minds of those who have been planning to destroy the earth and have built human settlements on it. Those who never planned their life and created problems for others are going to be the victims of Her broom.

The beaches require to be cleaned. The forests need to regrow and be groomed. The air needs to be cleaned and the rivers need to flow swiftly. The glaciers feeding the rivers have dried up and you are responsible for it. You dug tunnels through the mountains and diverted rivers. You thinned the forests and disturbed weather. Due to this, there were no rains, and the snow season shortened.

Buildings and Boundaries

There was no need for awful buildings you have built on Nature’s forest. There was no need for the end number of vehicles that you discovered to travel across the planet and contaminate it. No factories were needed beyond a limit and no artificial lifestyle was required. Your greed has spoilt the beauty of Nature and made her look ugly. She desired nothing from you except to admire her but you kept devastating her in some way or other. You always wanted to be the owner of the world which is next to impossible. When you were born you were allowed to have the best. You were born with a healthy body and healthy mind and so you were required to work hard and get your part of possessions but you always desired beyond your limits.

There was no need for creating boundaries and divide the world into countries, states, and cities. You could live wherever you wanted to live peacefully. But your desire to overpowering everything and every space turned you to be a demon from a human being. You forgot that everyone in this word is born, irrespective of the gender, with four limbs, eyes, nose ears, mouth, mind, and his or her own destiny. Everyone in this world has his or her own space where he or she has to survive. But you wanted to turn your destiny your way even at the cost of destroying Nature.

You could live your life quietly without making any disturbance to the other creations of God. You could happily fetch your part of food from a small part of the land and look after yourself. But you decided to rule the world and have more and more of everything.

Casts and Religions

There was no need of dividing yourself into casts and religions. In different parts of the world, people have a different color of the skin due to the climatic conditions. That does not mean that his and your areas are different. The whole world is one and belongs to you but you divided it into countries and put boundaries. Who are you to do so?

You forgot to understand that God is one. You never understood that It is shapeless, colorless, soundless, and genderless but still is present everywhere. Instead of educating yourself in the name of almighty, you qualified to create mosques and temples and churches where the only lesson taught is to hate others and prefer yourself. The only thing told in these buildings of different ‘Gods’ is that you are the best and the others are idiots.

You Forgot Your Share

You forgot that apart from you there are animals, birds, insects, reptiles, and moths also in this world too. You forgot that the trees and plants also have the same rights on this earth as you have. And for your benefit, you started destroying them. You destroyed the forest and all others lost their homes. You never admired the beauty of nature rather you admired what you created. You preferred gardens to forests and bouquets and garlands to plants of flowers. Instead of admiring the landscape, you preferred to go to cinema halls, and instead of growing food in the fields, you preferred to find a restaurant.

Instead of staying in a small house, you tried to snatch as much space as you can for yourself and leave as low as possible for others. In that big space, you destroyed the homes of many creatures who actually survived on natural resources. But your greed asked you to erect a gorgeous looking structure for yourself to live in that where no other creature should be allowed. And if some were allowed then they could be there only if you permitted them. You didn’t understand that it was their abode that you capture just because you had money.



Written by : Sumit Raj, better known as Summit is the founder of Shimla Walks and a qualified tourism professional from Delhi University. Summit is a published author with six books to his credit, now. His seventh on titled as ‘Shimla Walks’ is on the way and to be released soon. Summit loves Himalaya and says that ‘Mountains travel in his veins with blood’.

One of his books that he wrote on Kalka Shimla Railway, named as A Journey to Shimla – by Toy Train can be read on Kindle.
Contact Him : +917018703170, +91 9459519620
WhatsApp : +91 7018703170


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